Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Melted Oozing Camembert with Toasted Walnuts and Brandied Raisins

It's taken me a couple of goes to get a photo of this recipe and so be able to add this post, I'm usually too hungry to hang around taking photos!

Nutrition Information
Calories: 325
Protein: 12g
Fat: 10g
Carbohydrate: 34g
Dietary Fibre: 7g


2 slices of rye bread (total 62g)
2 segments of camembert or brie (total 34g)
8g walnuts (4 halves)
3 teaspoons of brandied raisins

  • Roughly crumble the walnuts into a saucepan and dry fry until hot and toasted.
  • Put the rye bread on a microwaveable plate, a piece of camembert on each slice, and sprinkle over the brandied raisins and the walnuts.
  • Microwave for 40 seconds until the camembert is just oozing. Flatten the camembert slightly.
  • Eat immediately!


  1. Thats true. I can't imagine taking pics of food. I always remember about that when its finished.

  2. とっても美味しそうだったので、私も真似して似たようなトーストを作ってみました。美味しかった!