Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dietary Fibre

UK government guidelines for the recommended amount of dietary fibre in our diet is at least 18g per day for adults. The average Briton eats just 12g.

However, studies by professional organisations suggest that whilst 18g per day is a good start, even this UK figure is actually too low, and should be around 25g to 35g per day for adults to maintain good health, lower cholesterol and protect against diseases and cancers.

For children and young adults, it is recommended that you add 5 to the age of the child to get the the recommended amount, until they reach the age of 20, when they should follow the guidelines for adults.

If people want to increase their fibre intake, it should be done gradually to avoid bloating or problems with proper nutrient absorption, and the amount of drinking water in the diet should be increased accordingly. In order to include insoluble and soluble fibre which are both important, a wide range of vegetables, fruits and whole-grains should be eaten.

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